Friday, December 18, 2009

We are back in the USA

We are living with our Mama and Grandma here in the USA...........

We are soooooooooooo happy to be with our mama once again and we are enjoying our new apt in the washington DC area.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Have YOU heard the news???? Our mama Stacey will arrive back in the USA tomorrow !!
Hurray! We have been enjoying our beautiful temporary "summer home" with our grandma..... but we have been waiting for our mama to return, and give us good lovin's.
Waiting in the bay window seat........

waiting in the shower stall...............
We can hardly wait to Welcome her Home !!!!!!!! love ya mama stacey !!!!!!!!
Simone and Magellan

Friday, June 5, 2009

USA means new toys for us !!!

Hey Mama stacey...and all our fans....

We have arrived in the USA !!

so far, we have NOT found one single gecko in our room. really! not one. (sure don't know what that's about?) but grandma DID buy us some new has a little smidge of catnip, yummy! so here are some videos of us playing with our new toy.

We are NO longer Kids in thailand, we are learning to be American once again!

enjoy our fun!!

love from Simone and Magellan.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Now you see you don't !

Grandma asked me, what I would miss most when we leave our home here in Thailand, and return to the USA........ I didn't have to even give it a moments thought, cuz I KNOW what I will miss... my favorite toy, my favorite game, the best sport here in Thailand..........
Grab the tali off the gecko!!!
Yes I love it! Above you will see one of the many geckos that run across our walls (and floors) insearch of bugs to eat AND in search of a little fun! They like to play Extreme gecko Sports!
They dart across the floor and try to get to the other side of the room WITH their tail still attached! You see, if I grab their tail, they release it and keep on running! And they leave me behind with a twisting twirling looooong tail in my paws. Now don't you go thinking that they just willingly and quickly jetison that tail of theirs, OH NO that is the prize! they want their tail and so do I.

Here is how they look for weeks after losing the game to me...until their tail grows back, and we can play again !! Yes, I will definitely MISS my dear live-action gecko toys.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

This one's for you, Mama !!!

Crank up the volume...and listen to me, mama!!!

love ya,

Simone ....... I am the pretty girl, and this proves it!! meow !

I'm making a list, I'm checking it twice.....

NO...... it's NOT Santa.......... it's me, Magellan !!! Our mama is starting her job hunt for just the "perfect" job. Now this means we will be moving fromour home here in thailand to a new location. the BIG plus.... we'll be living with our mama once again and she knows how to give me all the right rubbin's!!! But I have overheard her and our grandma chatting on SKYPE about what benefits her job needs to offer, where she wants to live, and what the new home should be like. So my sister and i got our furry heads together and made our list....cuz we have some very definite NEEDS and even more Wants!!!!!
Soooooo Dear Mama,
I need a good BOX some yummy food, a kingsize bed, STRING, feathers, big windows with good screens that keep the bugs out but let me SEE all those pretty birds, tile floors for running and slipping on, an indoor cat tree house, nice litter box, stacks and stacks of toys, loose sheets on the bed, big screen tv, comfy sofa, Stairs would really be nice, double sinks (so sister and I don't have to share), paper to punch with my teeth, cupboards with safety locks (so sister can't lock me inside), Air con and fans, (I love my fur blowing in the breeze) lots of things to stretch out and scratch on, a nice kitchen table for sitting on...preferably next to a window with screens, and YOU sitting by my side giving me all the rubbings I want!!!! (see mama, my needs are simple and few) Now simone has asked me to add a few things for her....
she would like a pedestal table (I believe you humans call it a coffee table) she would like a years supply of geckos with extra long and fast growing tails, some green blankets with little elephants on them, another wind-up hamster toy, ribbons, she would like to be located near one of the ever popular kiddy cat amusement lands so she can take you out for some fun and games and can be admired by all the other humans!!!
Well that's it (for now) this list IS under construction...........
So as I said before....... I'm making a list, checking it twice, or three times or four or..........
yeah you get the picture. (love ya mama).
your little boy, M.

Everything is a toy

Hi there, Simone "I am the pretty girl" here with my blog. You have seen the photos.... now here's the story........ (by the way, weren't those the cutest photos of me????) meeeow!
This week our grandma has been sorting through stuff cuz we are getting ready to move. Grandma keeps throwing away perfectly good TOYS. My brother and I have to sneak stealthily into the trash bag and retrieve these great items. Well, some of them were only good for a few laughs and then we abandoned them and grandma had to once again throw them away. BUT I did find a real TREASURE , a teddy bear!!! Now that is something I did NOT have. Grandma, you have been holding out on me...shame on you..... but better late than never........... so oh my goodness i am having some meowy-good times with my new TOY!!!!!
from the little mama

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break with our Mama

We made this sign to greet our mama as she got off the airplane. grandma wouldn't take us to the airport to wait, but she did hold up our sign as our mama came through the doors and Mama said she laughed when she saw it!!! (we are just so cute!) she could hardly wait to see us. good thing the airport is only about 10 minutes away.
Here we both are WAITING for our mama to arrive!!! It had been 8 months since she left.
And then, there she was, calling our names. We both forgot how we had planned to "punish" her by ignoring her for a few minutes. when we heard her voice at the door...all we could do was run to her and purr from all her good pets.

I decided to show her I am still the pretty girl, by playing princess on my lovely green pillow bed. Mama loved it and I got more pets. mmmmmmmm

I forgot just how much I have been missing her flip flops. I used to love laying on them, and sitting by them and guarding them. And yes, I got pets and pets! such good rubbin's.

...... I hope she leaves me her flip flops if she decides to return to school.......

my flip flops...don't anyone try to take them

Oh my goodness I slept so well while mama was here..... she would just rub and pet me right off to dreamland

Sad to say, but mama had to go back to school, she is studying in shanghai now. But me and simone... we will dream all about how good it was to have her here with us. Maybe we can sleep til she returns... well probably not, but... it was so good to enjoy her while it lasted.
(do ya see how cute we are, holding paws while we sleep)

Thanks for spending your spring break with us mama, study hard cuz we want lots of new stuff after you graduate hahaha See ya on SKYPE and in July................meow.

Friday, February 20, 2009

He's my Hero !

Today while playing chase, one of my hind claws got caught in a thread from the rug on the floor in our bedroom. No matter how I tried to run away from it, no matter how hard I tried to shake it away..... it was dragging behind me. I couldn't get hurt, I was so scared I finally just laid down and waited for something to happen. Magellan came up and tried to bite the threads...but they were too strong...what to do, what to do? And then, he started meowing. He sat right next to me and meowed... and in no time at all, grandma came running. She saw the problem, cut the thread away.... And, Magellan.... well he is just my hero.


ps..... I am STILL the pretty girl !

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I wanna........

Hi..... Magellan here with a fantasy blog post, while my sister, Simone is napping.
As you all know, grandma is caring for us while our mama is studying in Europe. Grandma is SO serious about taking good care of us..... she never takes us on outings. So today i thought I'd tell ya about some spots I wanna go visit !!!

What savvy feline wouldn't want to make a stop at the local market...... mmmmmm all these choice, tasty cuts of meat???? I could make an excellent selection for our dinner tonight !!

Did any of you ever see the movie The Three Lives of Thomasina??? There is a scene where Thomasina walks up these stairs to cat heaven....... and I gotta tell ya, Disney and Hollywood've got NOTHING on the excellent set of 102 steps at the temple on the mt here in my town. I could just see me now...leaping and prancing up these steps and well...folks would sure snap my photo!! (not to mention how they would add to my aerobic workout!)

NO day would be complete without a little hop-on and ride on a red songteow around the moat. MMMM the smells of all the little shops to grab some meat on a stick..... I mean WHO doesn't love meat on a stick!!! And 15 Baht for a ride from here to there, let's quit talking and start riding!

This guy has a side cart filled with frozen seafood.....yeah now can ya picture me, front paws braced on those front bars and hind end sitting on some good smelling seafood...... Oh grandma take me out on a field trip...the city is calling.........
Magellan, the explorer (wanna-be)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Same Same but Different

Here in thailand there is a saying..... same same, but different.
Our last posting was just another lazy saturday...... TODAY was still another LAZZZZZY saturday. BUT grandma took some new photos of our new sleeping spots enjoy!
WE LOVE catnaps.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just another Lazy Saturday in thailand

Yes, it is just another lazy snoozy saturday here in Thailand. The room temp is 28 C (that is 82 degrees for you USA-folk.) and grandma's computer says it is 80 % humidity todya...... so we think a little cat nap is the order of the day. (we ARE wearing fur, you know!!!)
meowy smooches,
Simone the Sassy One
Magellan the oh-so comfy-when-I-sleep boy

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm the pretty girl

So Mama Magellan seems to be hogging all the attention and I am the pretty girl !!
While you have been away enjoying all the sites of Europe, I am working hard to keep in shape

Everyday i do my rolls and twists and curving flip flops on the cool tile floor. Because
I AM THE PRETTY GIRL and no one better forget it
love you,

Grandma finally figures it out.....

Dear mama, yes this is a letter to our mama (anyone else tuning in can read it too)

Last night for some unknown reason, grandma finally figured it out! She always has all these pillows at the head of her bed and they take up all the good space. Well last night, she took them off the bed and piled them up across the room and then turned on the last MacGyver episode that we have, and we settled in to watch it. First I discovered all the nice new empty space and I spread out like only I can do.... and then the girl came up and snuggled in, washed my ears REALLY well, and well.... we just slept there all night long mmmmmmmm so comfy.
Now grandma was so happy (and surprised) to have us sleep there all night long. But we would have done it months ago, if she would have just moved those darn pillows sooner.
silly grandma.

love ya mama,

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Boxes the best toy in the world

We are ALWAYS so excited when our mom decides to send us a BOX she always seems to put a bunch of stuff inside the box, but thankfully grandma takes that stuff out so we can ENJOY our new toy. hmmmmm what is in here? I think I can fit in here.
thanks for the wonderful gifts mama
love, Simone and Magellan

My mean sister!!

Today my sister Simone decided to just lay in the litterbox. You heard me right. grandma had just scooped it and it was clean and fresh and I planned to go use it and PLOP simone leaps in front of me, and lays down and gets all comfy. she is doing this to make me mad, but sooner or later she will get tired of being there cuz she is so ADHD and then I can use it FINALLY!!
Simone is teaching me how to have patience!!

love ya,

Welcome to our blog !!!

Hello and welcome to our blog!! We are Simone and Magellan. And we are Third culture kids living in thailand nor for about a year and a half now. Our mom adopted us in america and about 6 months later we all flew to Thailand while she finished her BS degree. Then our mama had the opportunity to do a one year study in Europe to get her MBA.... so we are spending a year living with our grandma. grandma is living here in thailand also.
So come along with us and see all the fun we have living and laughing here in beautiful Thailand!!

love ya,
Simone and Magellan