Sunday, April 12, 2009

Everything is a toy

Hi there, Simone "I am the pretty girl" here with my blog. You have seen the photos.... now here's the story........ (by the way, weren't those the cutest photos of me????) meeeow!
This week our grandma has been sorting through stuff cuz we are getting ready to move. Grandma keeps throwing away perfectly good TOYS. My brother and I have to sneak stealthily into the trash bag and retrieve these great items. Well, some of them were only good for a few laughs and then we abandoned them and grandma had to once again throw them away. BUT I did find a real TREASURE , a teddy bear!!! Now that is something I did NOT have. Grandma, you have been holding out on me...shame on you..... but better late than never........... so oh my goodness i am having some meowy-good times with my new TOY!!!!!
from the little mama

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  1. You do indeed look fabulous in those photos. I'm sure you've both been a great help to grandma as she packs up to leave Thailand.