Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just another Lazy Saturday in thailand

Yes, it is just another lazy snoozy saturday here in Thailand. The room temp is 28 C (that is 82 degrees for you USA-folk.) and grandma's computer says it is 80 % humidity todya...... so we think a little cat nap is the order of the day. (we ARE wearing fur, you know!!!)
meowy smooches,
Simone the Sassy One
Magellan the oh-so comfy-when-I-sleep boy

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm the pretty girl

So Mama Magellan seems to be hogging all the attention and I am the pretty girl !!
While you have been away enjoying all the sites of Europe, I am working hard to keep in shape

Everyday i do my rolls and twists and curving flip flops on the cool tile floor. Because
I AM THE PRETTY GIRL and no one better forget it
love you,

Grandma finally figures it out.....

Dear mama, yes this is a letter to our mama (anyone else tuning in can read it too)

Last night for some unknown reason, grandma finally figured it out! She always has all these pillows at the head of her bed and they take up all the good space. Well last night, she took them off the bed and piled them up across the room and then turned on the last MacGyver episode that we have, and we settled in to watch it. First I discovered all the nice new empty space and I spread out like only I can do.... and then the girl came up and snuggled in, washed my ears REALLY well, and well.... we just slept there all night long mmmmmmmm so comfy.
Now grandma was so happy (and surprised) to have us sleep there all night long. But we would have done it months ago, if she would have just moved those darn pillows sooner.
silly grandma.

love ya mama,

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Boxes the best toy in the world

We are ALWAYS so excited when our mom decides to send us a BOX she always seems to put a bunch of stuff inside the box, but thankfully grandma takes that stuff out so we can ENJOY our new toy. hmmmmm what is in here? I think I can fit in here.
thanks for the wonderful gifts mama
love, Simone and Magellan

My mean sister!!

Today my sister Simone decided to just lay in the litterbox. You heard me right. grandma had just scooped it and it was clean and fresh and I planned to go use it and PLOP simone leaps in front of me, and lays down and gets all comfy. she is doing this to make me mad, but sooner or later she will get tired of being there cuz she is so ADHD and then I can use it FINALLY!!
Simone is teaching me how to have patience!!

love ya,

Welcome to our blog !!!

Hello and welcome to our blog!! We are Simone and Magellan. And we are Third culture kids living in thailand nor for about a year and a half now. Our mom adopted us in america and about 6 months later we all flew to Thailand while she finished her BS degree. Then our mama had the opportunity to do a one year study in Europe to get her MBA.... so we are spending a year living with our grandma. grandma is living here in thailand also.
So come along with us and see all the fun we have living and laughing here in beautiful Thailand!!

love ya,
Simone and Magellan