Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Grandma finally figures it out.....

Dear mama, yes this is a letter to our mama (anyone else tuning in can read it too)

Last night for some unknown reason, grandma finally figured it out! She always has all these pillows at the head of her bed and they take up all the good space. Well last night, she took them off the bed and piled them up across the room and then turned on the last MacGyver episode that we have, and we settled in to watch it. First I discovered all the nice new empty space and I spread out like only I can do.... and then the girl came up and snuggled in, washed my ears REALLY well, and well.... we just slept there all night long mmmmmmmm so comfy.
Now grandma was so happy (and surprised) to have us sleep there all night long. But we would have done it months ago, if she would have just moved those darn pillows sooner.
silly grandma.

love ya mama,

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, I should've told her that. She's not a pillow person, so I didn't think she'd take up all that prime real estate with those silly pillows! You always have loved sleeping by my head!

    Miss you,