Sunday, April 12, 2009

This one's for you, Mama !!!

Crank up the volume...and listen to me, mama!!!

love ya,

Simone ....... I am the pretty girl, and this proves it!! meow !

I'm making a list, I'm checking it twice.....

NO...... it's NOT Santa.......... it's me, Magellan !!! Our mama is starting her job hunt for just the "perfect" job. Now this means we will be moving fromour home here in thailand to a new location. the BIG plus.... we'll be living with our mama once again and she knows how to give me all the right rubbin's!!! But I have overheard her and our grandma chatting on SKYPE about what benefits her job needs to offer, where she wants to live, and what the new home should be like. So my sister and i got our furry heads together and made our list....cuz we have some very definite NEEDS and even more Wants!!!!!
Soooooo Dear Mama,
I need a good BOX some yummy food, a kingsize bed, STRING, feathers, big windows with good screens that keep the bugs out but let me SEE all those pretty birds, tile floors for running and slipping on, an indoor cat tree house, nice litter box, stacks and stacks of toys, loose sheets on the bed, big screen tv, comfy sofa, Stairs would really be nice, double sinks (so sister and I don't have to share), paper to punch with my teeth, cupboards with safety locks (so sister can't lock me inside), Air con and fans, (I love my fur blowing in the breeze) lots of things to stretch out and scratch on, a nice kitchen table for sitting on...preferably next to a window with screens, and YOU sitting by my side giving me all the rubbings I want!!!! (see mama, my needs are simple and few) Now simone has asked me to add a few things for her....
she would like a pedestal table (I believe you humans call it a coffee table) she would like a years supply of geckos with extra long and fast growing tails, some green blankets with little elephants on them, another wind-up hamster toy, ribbons, she would like to be located near one of the ever popular kiddy cat amusement lands so she can take you out for some fun and games and can be admired by all the other humans!!!
Well that's it (for now) this list IS under construction...........
So as I said before....... I'm making a list, checking it twice, or three times or four or..........
yeah you get the picture. (love ya mama).
your little boy, M.

Everything is a toy

Hi there, Simone "I am the pretty girl" here with my blog. You have seen the photos.... now here's the story........ (by the way, weren't those the cutest photos of me????) meeeow!
This week our grandma has been sorting through stuff cuz we are getting ready to move. Grandma keeps throwing away perfectly good TOYS. My brother and I have to sneak stealthily into the trash bag and retrieve these great items. Well, some of them were only good for a few laughs and then we abandoned them and grandma had to once again throw them away. BUT I did find a real TREASURE , a teddy bear!!! Now that is something I did NOT have. Grandma, you have been holding out on me...shame on you..... but better late than never........... so oh my goodness i am having some meowy-good times with my new TOY!!!!!
from the little mama