Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break with our Mama

We made this sign to greet our mama as she got off the airplane. grandma wouldn't take us to the airport to wait, but she did hold up our sign as our mama came through the doors and Mama said she laughed when she saw it!!! (we are just so cute!) she could hardly wait to see us. good thing the airport is only about 10 minutes away.
Here we both are WAITING for our mama to arrive!!! It had been 8 months since she left.
And then, there she was, calling our names. We both forgot how we had planned to "punish" her by ignoring her for a few minutes. when we heard her voice at the door...all we could do was run to her and purr from all her good pets.

I decided to show her I am still the pretty girl, by playing princess on my lovely green pillow bed. Mama loved it and I got more pets. mmmmmmmm

I forgot just how much I have been missing her flip flops. I used to love laying on them, and sitting by them and guarding them. And yes, I got pets and pets! such good rubbin's.

...... I hope she leaves me her flip flops if she decides to return to school.......

my flip flops...don't anyone try to take them

Oh my goodness I slept so well while mama was here..... she would just rub and pet me right off to dreamland

Sad to say, but mama had to go back to school, she is studying in shanghai now. But me and simone... we will dream all about how good it was to have her here with us. Maybe we can sleep til she returns... well probably not, but... it was so good to enjoy her while it lasted.
(do ya see how cute we are, holding paws while we sleep)

Thanks for spending your spring break with us mama, study hard cuz we want lots of new stuff after you graduate hahaha See ya on SKYPE and in July................meow.