Friday, May 15, 2009

Now you see you don't !

Grandma asked me, what I would miss most when we leave our home here in Thailand, and return to the USA........ I didn't have to even give it a moments thought, cuz I KNOW what I will miss... my favorite toy, my favorite game, the best sport here in Thailand..........
Grab the tali off the gecko!!!
Yes I love it! Above you will see one of the many geckos that run across our walls (and floors) insearch of bugs to eat AND in search of a little fun! They like to play Extreme gecko Sports!
They dart across the floor and try to get to the other side of the room WITH their tail still attached! You see, if I grab their tail, they release it and keep on running! And they leave me behind with a twisting twirling looooong tail in my paws. Now don't you go thinking that they just willingly and quickly jetison that tail of theirs, OH NO that is the prize! they want their tail and so do I.

Here is how they look for weeks after losing the game to me...until their tail grows back, and we can play again !! Yes, I will definitely MISS my dear live-action gecko toys.


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  1. Yes, my dear, you are definitely the Queen of Extreme Gecko Sports. I will never forget my first week in Thailand nearly two years ago now when I returned from classes and found some disgusting thing on the floor. I used toilet paper to scoop this gross thing up off the floor and it began wiggling in my hands!! Your first gecko tail... ever since then, you have been hooked. Everybody laughed at me and thought I was overreacting until slowly but surely they each had the opportunity to experience this phenomenon for themselves. You see, the tail doesn't look like a tail when it's just laying there on the floor, so it is very tricky - just like you when you pounce! Play hard little girl... just like all professional atheletes, your days of playing the sport are numbered. Once you officially retire, perhaps you can get a new job as a broadcaster or a coach. Haha!