Sunday, February 15, 2009

I wanna........

Hi..... Magellan here with a fantasy blog post, while my sister, Simone is napping.
As you all know, grandma is caring for us while our mama is studying in Europe. Grandma is SO serious about taking good care of us..... she never takes us on outings. So today i thought I'd tell ya about some spots I wanna go visit !!!

What savvy feline wouldn't want to make a stop at the local market...... mmmmmm all these choice, tasty cuts of meat???? I could make an excellent selection for our dinner tonight !!

Did any of you ever see the movie The Three Lives of Thomasina??? There is a scene where Thomasina walks up these stairs to cat heaven....... and I gotta tell ya, Disney and Hollywood've got NOTHING on the excellent set of 102 steps at the temple on the mt here in my town. I could just see me now...leaping and prancing up these steps and well...folks would sure snap my photo!! (not to mention how they would add to my aerobic workout!)

NO day would be complete without a little hop-on and ride on a red songteow around the moat. MMMM the smells of all the little shops to grab some meat on a stick..... I mean WHO doesn't love meat on a stick!!! And 15 Baht for a ride from here to there, let's quit talking and start riding!

This guy has a side cart filled with frozen seafood.....yeah now can ya picture me, front paws braced on those front bars and hind end sitting on some good smelling seafood...... Oh grandma take me out on a field trip...the city is calling.........
Magellan, the explorer (wanna-be)

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  1. Sorry, Papa, but your mean old mama told grandma that you couldn't leave the house! I know, it's terrible... there's so much fun to be having out there! But you know that you wouldn't actually make it more than one paw out the door before turning around and hiding under the bed! Now, your sister... that's a different story. We'd never hear from her again! She could charm her way into anywhere with one bat of an eyelash!